The Conference will include Streams that focus on:
1. Overcoming Africa’s waterborne transport challenges
  1. Creative maintenance solutions in ports
  2. Alternative funding methods for developing greenfields projects
  3. Solutions for addressing climate change in existing ports
  4. Refurbishment of old port infrastructure to accommodate the export of green fuels
  5. Smart ports vs ageing infrastructure
  6. Multi national export corridors for land locked countries
  7. Other
2. Dredging (in the framework of port and navigation projects):
  1. Effective planning and execution of dredging projects
  2. Lessons learned from dredging projects worldwide
  3. Risk management in dredging projects
  4. Disposal site planning taking into account alternative land uses
  5. Current dredging & management innovations
  6. Other
3. Logistics & Infrastructure:
  1. Challenges for capitalizing navigational channels bordering lands
  2. Synergies among airports, ports and inter-modal assets
  3. Integrated management of global supply chains
  4. Integrating ports and economic special Zones
  5. Dry ports and Inter-modal connections
  6. Provision of added value logistic services in maritime hubs
  7. Other
4. Ports:
  1. Impact and innovative solutions for hinterland ports
  2. Ports of the future: technologies, automation, traceability
  3. Port management models
  4. Maritime Port planning and operations
  5. Coastal and Port Engineering (in relation with navigation)
  6. Dry docks and ship repair, ship building, ship repair, offshore industry
  7. Developments in the design and use of alternative / greener construction materials in marine infrastructure
  8. Other
5. Marinas and small craft harbours:
  1. Sustainable and resilient marina design-Marinas Working with Nature (best practices and case studies)
  2. Marinas as part of Tourism, Ports and Urban Master Plans (best practices and case studies)
  3. Planning Framework for Recreational & Tourism Navigation Infrastructure Systems (goals, strategies and challenges)
  4. Regulatory Framework and Private Marina Development in Countries in Transition (best practices and case studies)
  5. Regional Cooperation and Standardization of Recreational Navigation Information Systems Transition (best practices and case studies)
  6. Recreational components of mitigation plans for large navigation infrastructure projects
  7. Other
6. Environment:
  1. Environmental management in navigation
  2. Climate change and emissions, energy efficiency, international regulations, carbon markets
  3. Fresh water availability for operations
  4. New technologies on infrastructure, pollution prevention, port reception facilities and ballast water
  5. Multiple purpose water resource systems (transport, energy, recreation, ecosystems, watersheds, potable water, …)
  6. Navigation as a green transportation mode
  7. Societal awareness and responsibility, combining economic growth, environment / sustainability and welfare
  8. Climate Change Mitigation in the Maritime Industry
  9. Coastal Zone and Coastal Risk Management
  10. Storm Surge & Tsunami barriers and Flood protection gates
  11. Other
7. Inland Navigation:
  1. Integration of inland waterways into inter-modal supply chain
  2. Inland navigation, waterways, ports & terminals
  3.  Systems and Infrastructures: design & management for inland navigation projects
  4. River Information Services (RIS, AIS, others)
  5. River navigation flow control
  6. Saltwater intrusion
  7. Maintenance and operation of IW, transport & infrastructures
  8. Inland navigation in Africa
  9.  Other


Early Registration closes – 29 March 2024